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Sorry it has been a few days since I have had time to write. But, I am very excited about the training I have found for you on . A very good friend of mine has gotten some information on her family and wants to know what to do next? I have been thinking about this for about a week now and found this awesome video course the church has created on . To get to the video course area sign into, in the upper right hand corner of your screen right above the “Sign In” link is the “Get Help”  link click on it. A small window will open, in the right hand column of this window you will see several links, click on the “Learning Center Video Courses” link. This will take you to the Learning Center. Scroll down to the Beginning Genealogy Courses. This is a series of 21 videos that are 5 minutes each. they teach you step by step what you need to do. I highly recommend that everyone watch this series of videos. You can also watch them on your phone or tablet if you have the Churches Library App. Each lesson has a challenge to help reinforce the topic. You can download the video or watch it online. There is also a Handout for each lesson you can printout to remind you of what you have learned. I really think we are so blessed with all these resources at our fingertips there is really no reason we can’t do more with our family history work. I know some of you may have a hard time following my directions so just click on this link to get to the first video.

5 minute Genealogy Episode 1: Quick Start

Have fun watching this informative video course!

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RootsMagic APP

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Today I want to talk about RootsMagic. You can find it at I have been using PAF for many, many, years. As You know PAF will no longer be supported. Will it work at home? Yes, but you will no longer be able to interface it with Family Tree. So I had to change programs. Now, I didn’t take this lightly.  I downloaded several of the major names to see which one I liked the best. The winner was RootsMagic! Now you can use any of the programs you like, but for me it is RootsMagic. I really like the ability to tie into Family Tree and swap data, back and forth. It has a free version you can download and use or you can pay to get the upgraded version.  Both versions allow access to Family Tree and this is one of the first reasons I chose RootsMagic. Another reason I like RootsMagic is the Roots Magic To-Go program. This allows me to load RootsMagic on my thumb drive and use it on any other computer. RootsMagic is already available for Windows and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and even the Mac (with help). Just recently they added Android to that list! The app is available right now on Google Play and the Amazon appstore. More information is available at

I was so excited I loaded it on my phone and my tablet right away. It uses Dropbox to keep all your devices on the newest copy of your data base. This also allows us to have several copies on different devices in case one crashes. Now there is a copy on my desktop at home, on my tablet, on my phone and one on Dropbox! If you don’t have a Dropbox account you will need to get one. Dropbox has a free account for anyone to use, so just go to Now I have my family history with me where ever I go! I have found a few problems with the APP but i am sure they will get them worked out. You can’t do everything on the APP, but it can do enough. If you are wanting a great Family History program I suggest RootsMagic! Have a Great day you Deserve it!

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Finding Our Cousins

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I am so excited today to tell you all about a new web site. It’s called! on Sunday I challenged my Family History class to go to and look around. I always do what the teacher asks, so I went on to and found this new site. We had just studied in our class about Pedigree charts and Family Group sheets and in the video we were told the problem with a Pedigree chart is it doesn’t show the whole family. Well now we have a chart that shows more of the family and it is generated from your? You guessed it! Your Pedigree chart. This is a great way to check on all the cousins and make sure we have all the information for each one. This site is tied into and uses your info stored there. It will also send you back to so you can correct, look up or added any needed information. I was able to correct several things and see very easily were I need to get more info. We are so blessed to live now and Have all these wonderful tools at our hands. The web site is growing and improving all the time. It is like Christmas day as I wander around and find new things I can do and use to keep my family history work moving forward. There is a short video you can watch to see how works. I recommend you watch it first then dive in and see what you can find!

Have a great day you deserve it!

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Some Fun Stuff at

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I hope your day is going great. I wanted to tell you about some fun things I have discovered at The site is in a constant state of change. Now I know some people get discouraged by that and I understand why. But please understand the great things that are coming will not all happen at once. Line upon line as the good book says.

I am teaching the Temple and Family History Work class in my ward and we are on Lesson #3. I love this class because it is not just lecture it is a hands-on class. There are assignments for each class. I like to do the assignments also so I can see for myself what the class will see. Remember I have been using this site from the very beginning, back before members were allowed to use it, back before it was opened to the world. I would teach my people not to print out anything form the family tree site. The main reason for that was it never worked out very well. So last week’s assignment was to go to Family Tree and print out a Pedigree Chart and a Family Group sheet. I was amazed at what the people at Family Search had done!

Norms Pedigree001The Pedigree charts and Family Group sheets are the best I have ever seen. They are now in PDF format that allows you to write to the form. You can either print it out or save it to your computer. Now there is one thing I noticed The Family Tree data base will only populate the forms with the dead’s information. In other words you will have to fill in any info for the living and you can do this before you print it out! On the Pedigree Chart it showed all work to be done and checks off what has been completed. This is different  then most other printouts which only show what has been completed. I like that because by using colored markers I can easily see what work needs to be completed.

There is also a Fan Chart that you can print out. That is a favorite with many people. My class did a great job and we were able to answer some questions about the site. The best place I found to print out Pedigree and Family Group sheets would be at the person’s own page.  In other words, if I wanted to print out my Pedigree or Family Group charts I would go to then click on Family Tree this will open my family tree, then I can find me and click on my name. This will open a window with my information. On the bottom bar of this window you can see Tree an Person. Click on Person. This will take you to the Person’s page, in this case my page. On the right hand side of the page you will find a Box labeled Print. In the box are 4 different options to print. Pedigree, Family, Family with Sources and Fan Chart. From here I can print any one of these options with me as the primary person. If I want to Make a chart with my Grandfather as the primary person I would go to his page and find the Print box.

Well I hope you can see from this simple explanation that we have some very cool new printing options. Go and try these out and let me know what you think? Thanks and Have a great day you deserve it!

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What we are all about.

Hi I’m Norm Nye. I was thinking the other day,” how could I help more people with their Family History work?” Well, then I got an email form a person I didn’t even know, about a drawing she was entering to win tickets  to the Family History Fair in Salt Lake. I went to her site to see what it was all about and it gave me this great idea! I can now help my friends and family from all over the country and the world for that matter.

A little back ground on me. I have been working on my family history for 37 years. I started when I was 18 years old and in college at BYU. I got interested in it one day as I was wandering the BYU library. I found the genealogy section and thought I would spend a few minutes and see what I could find. Well, 5 hours later I was hooked.  I have 23,000 + names and I am going through them now with a fine toothed comb. Today I can work on my family history everyday.

I want to use this site as a way to answer your questions and give out ideas on what we can do to move this great work along faster. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. I will let you know exactly what I am doing and help you get there too. I want you to know right now I do not know the answer to every question, but I do know a lot of people who can help and I will find the answer for you. I have been teaching family history for over 15 years and I’m also very good at computers. So let’s get going!


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