Finding Our Cousins

Hi Everybody,

I am so excited today to tell you all about a new web site. It’s called! on Sunday I challenged my Family History class to go to and look around. I always do what the teacher asks, so I went on to and found this new site. We had just studied in our class about Pedigree charts and Family Group sheets and in the video we were told the problem with a Pedigree chart is it doesn’t show the whole family. Well now we have a chart that shows more of the family and it is generated from your? You guessed it! Your Pedigree chart. This is a great way to check on all the cousins and make sure we have all the information for each one. This site is tied into and uses your info stored there. It will also send you back to so you can correct, look up or added any needed information. I was able to correct several things and see very easily were I need to get more info. We are so blessed to live now and Have all these wonderful tools at our hands. The web site is growing and improving all the time. It is like Christmas day as I wander around and find new things I can do and use to keep my family history work moving forward. There is a short video you can watch to see how works. I recommend you watch it first then dive in and see what you can find!

Have a great day you deserve it!

Norm Nye the Family History Guy

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