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Hi Everybody!

Today I want to talk about RootsMagic. You can find it at I have been using PAF for many, many, years. As You know PAF will no longer be supported. Will it work at home? Yes, but you will no longer be able to interface it with Family Tree. So I had to change programs. Now, I didn’t take this lightly.  I downloaded several of the major names to see which one I liked the best. The winner was RootsMagic! Now you can use any of the programs you like, but for me it is RootsMagic. I really like the ability to tie into Family Tree and swap data, back and forth. It has a free version you can download and use or you can pay to get the upgraded version.  Both versions allow access to Family Tree and this is one of the first reasons I chose RootsMagic. Another reason I like RootsMagic is the Roots Magic To-Go program. This allows me to load RootsMagic on my thumb drive and use it on any other computer. RootsMagic is already available for Windows and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and even the Mac (with help). Just recently they added Android to that list! The app is available right now on Google Play and the Amazon appstore. More information is available at

I was so excited I loaded it on my phone and my tablet right away. It uses Dropbox to keep all your devices on the newest copy of your data base. This also allows us to have several copies on different devices in case one crashes. Now there is a copy on my desktop at home, on my tablet, on my phone and one on Dropbox! If you don’t have a Dropbox account you will need to get one. Dropbox has a free account for anyone to use, so just go to Now I have my family history with me where ever I go! I have found a few problems with the APP but i am sure they will get them worked out. You can’t do everything on the APP, but it can do enough. If you are wanting a great Family History program I suggest RootsMagic! Have a Great day you Deserve it!

Norm Nye The Family History Guy

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